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“You can now find our beers online in an awesome webstore. The Beershop

Nowhere Brewing

Café Rocas in Luxembourg is now selling our beers. Come and enjoy a great evening!”

Nowhere Brewing

“You certainly deserve a decompression. Come to @ Liquid Bar for great beers and cool ambiance!”

Nowhere Brewing

“Looking for a cool hangout in Luxembourg city center? The Tube Bar is the place to be…”

Nowhere Brewing

“Kom och drick en Tropical Disease på Crossfire – The Nordic Bar”

Nowhere Brewing

“Sports, beers and good food? Yes, that is possible, check out Snooze

Nowhere Brewing

“I love their beers… and even the lads who make them”

Tom Tiala - Librarian

“Hop until you drop”

Max van den Berg - Economist

“I want mine with the meat inside”

Pierdomenico Biasi - Engineer

“Thanks for an awesome brew!”

Carlos Nixon - Softball player

“I was skeptical, but NB delivers!”

Gabo Millan - Database expert

Our beers

Corrosion Cure

Doña Darkness

Accidental Wheatness

Tropical disease


Where to find us


The Beershop online. A fantastic selection of beers from all over the world


A gem in the center of Amsterdam, not to be missed!

In de Wildeman

18 beers on tap and over 250 bottle in this cozy bar in Amsterdam

Black Stuff

Address: 15 Val de Hamm, 1714 Luxemburg
Phone: +352 27 40 33 33


Address: 2 Rue de la Boucherie, 1247 Luxembourg
Phone:+352 26 47 85 78

Liquid Bar

Address: 15 – 17, rue Munster, Grund, Luxembourg
Phone: +352 22 44 55

The Tube Bar

Address: 8 rue Sigefroi, Luxemburg
Phone: +352 27 29 52 03

Crossfire – The Nordic Bar

Address: 15, rue Dicks, Luxembourg
Phone: +352 49 84 31

Snooze SportsBar

Address: 7, rue Philippe II, Luxembourg
Phone: +352 26 20 33 31

Café Rocas

Address: 33, rue des Capucins, 1313 Luxembourg
Phone: +352 27 47 86 20

About us

We love beer… Pretty obvious, right?

But OK, let us start where it all started: Once upon a time, in a cold summer day in Luxembourg City, two lads sitting around a wooden table were chatting, grilling and drinking their own brews. After massive blah blah blah, the clever one proposed a wild idea: to share the brews (and the fun) with the rest of the world. Then, the meat was ready, more beers were poured and Nowhere Brewing was born.

The philosophy of Nowhere is simple: respect for the ingredients, respect for the process, and the will to provide our customers with a great drinking experience. Nowhere Brewing is based in Benelux: we design our beers in the Netherlands, and market them from Luxembourg.

We breath beer, we live beer. We dare you to joining us in the exciting road to Nowhere.

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