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“See you next week at the Cologne Craft Beer Festival – May 25th and 26th 2019 ”

Nowhere Brewing


Nowhere Brewing

Great experience at the Hop on Hop Off Festival in Breda. Thank you all for visiting and tasting our beers.”


“We already have some names on the list of brewers for the next KIRCHBEIER. There will be some surprises”

Nowhere Brewing

“Very happy with the last brew day, Accidental Wheatness is just delicious :)”

Nowhere Brewing

“Sports, beers and good food? Yes, that is possible, check out Snooze

Nowhere Brewing

“I love their beers… and even the lads who make them”

Tom Tiala - Librarian

“Hop until you drop”

Max van den Berg - Economist

“I want mine with the meat inside”

Pierdomenico Biasi - Engineer

“Thanks for an awesome brew!”

Carlos Nixon - Softball player

“I was skeptical, but NB delivers!”

Gabo Millan - Database expert

About us

We love beer… Pretty obvious, right?

But OK, let us start where it all started: Once upon a time, in a cold summer day in Luxembourg City, two lads sitting around a wooden table were chatting, grilling and drinking their own brews. After massive blah blah blah, the clever one proposed a wild idea: to share the brews (and the fun) with the rest of the world. Then, the meat was ready, more beers were poured and Nowhere Brewing was born.

The philosophy of Nowhere is simple: respect for the ingredients, respect for the process, and the will to provide our customers with a great drinking experience. Nowhere Brewing is based in Benelux: we design our beers in the Netherlands, and market them from Luxembourg.

We breath beer, we live beer. We dare you to joining us in the exciting road to Nowhere.

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